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Under the backdrop of consumption upgrade, it is expected that outlets will still remain a trend of rapid development in 2016. Outlets in first-tier cities will continuously expand while the competition in the industry will become more intense and come up with features such as chain expansion and focus on popular cities. The ultimate competition will lie on the capabilities of outlets integrated operation, scale expansion as well as resources deployment and integration in respect of the dual core based on brand owner value and consumer experience.

In future, the Group will further make use of the advantages of capital operation flexibility on red-chip listing platform, connect international capital with business resources to explore global vision, proactively introduce strategic investors, enhance the Company’s core capital strength and increase the capability in acquiring and integrating quality business resources;

Continuously adopt a strategy of “scale in priority and facilitating efficiency”, further increase investment in target cities, strive to be the company with the greatest presence of outlets projects in China during 2016 and establish its leading position in industry scale;

Comprehensively promote the system of “site selection for projects – planning for industry landscape – brand portfolio – operating service” with the focus of accelerating introduction of key brands and expanding strategic branding alliance in order to enhance the capabilities of the Company in overall business operation and replication;

Proactively promote shareholdings among the management and key staff, enhancing professional teams building and ensure prompt and effective implementation of planned strategic targets;

Innovate business operation model for outlets online and offline via multi-channels with an aim of continuously improving brand owner value and consumer experience.

Strategic Map of Capital Juda

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