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  • Dec 2015

    Entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the internet financing platform BCFATIS (www.shoujins.com) under Capital Group for exploring a brand-new business model which combines online financing service with offline consumption.

  • Nov 2015

    Successfully invested in Capital Outlets Joyous Sky Avenue Project (歡樂天街項目) in Xiangjiang District, Changsha, and by powerful combination not only realizes strategic coverage of the target city Changsha but also achieves project management with minority interests and management service export for the first time, which created a new cooperation model for the Group’s diversified size expansion.

  • Nov 2015

    Capital Juda was honored for “China Employer • Best Benefits Practice Award” (中國好僱主•最佳福利實踐獎) of the 2015 4th China Human Resources Management Forum & China Employer Award Ceremony (2015 (第四屆)中國人力資源管理論壇暨中國好僱主頒獎盛典).

  • Oct 2015

    Won the bid for a commercial land parcel of 135 mu in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone (武漢東湖新技術開發區), and completed the strategic deployment of Central China.

  • Oct 2015

    Theme event of “Capital Outlets·CYTS Amazing Free YOU GO Color Run Night” – “MORE THAN FUN MORE THAN RUN” linked Fangshan of Beijing, Huzhou of Zhejiang and Wanning of Hainan with over 5,000 participants.

  • Sep 2015

    Won the bid for a commercial land parcel of 152.54 mu in Fuyang District, Hangzhou, and completed the strategic deployment of Yangtze River Delta region.

  • Sep 2015

    Developed a cross-boundary business travel route for YOU GO with CYTS, which is characteristic of “shopping + travel + culture”, and published Capital Outlets’ first customized individual visit route, being “YOU GO’s individual visit with 4 nights and 5 days in Sanya and Wanning”, creating a brand-new lifestyle of cultural tourism and leisure and enriching the brand connotation of Capital Outlets.

  • Jul 2015

    Successfully issued CNY1.3 billion 5.25 per cent Guaranteed Notes due 2018 and successfully completed its debut in the offshore capital market.

  • Jul 2015

    Won the bid for a commercial land parcel of 130.48 mu in Chang leng Town, Xinjian County, Nanchang (南昌市新建縣長堎鎮), the first land parcel acquired independently by the Company for outlets projects pursuant to its investment and expansion strategies.

  • Jul 2015

    “Capital Outlets” was awarded “The Golden Brick Award for Real Estate of China • 2015 Best China Innovative Commercial Real Estate Brand Award” issued by Boao • 21st Century Real Estate Forum (the 15th Annual Conference).

  • Apr 2015

    The English name of the Company has changed from “Juda International Holdings Limited” to “Beijing Capital Juda Limited”. The new name demonstrates the Company’s brandnew corporate image and reflects the strategic synergies between the Company and its controlling shareholders.

  • Apr 2015

    The official website of Capital Outlets (www.capitaloutlets.com) was launched.

  • Mar 2015

    More than 300 representatives of brands across the world gathered in Shanghai to attend the 2015 Capita Outlets Brand Ceremony (首創奧特萊斯品牌私享會) “MORE THAN SEEN 不止所見”.

  • Jan 2015

    Completed the acquisition procedures of Xi’an First City project (deemed as newly listed), smoothly disposed its original chemical business, and successfully transformed its principal businesses into commercial project development and integrated operation with outlets shops as its core business.

  • Dec 2014

    Announced very substantial disposal of chemical business

  • Nov 2014

    Announced change of financial year end date to 31 December each year

  • Aug 2014

    Announced a very substantial acquisition of Xi’an property project

  • Dec 2013

    Announced the closing of mandatory unconditional cash offer

  • Dec 2013

    Appointed the new board of directors and Mr. Tang Jun was appointed as Chairman of the Board

  • Nov 2013

    Announced general offer by Capital Group

  • Apr 2012

    Listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

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